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Two Paws Up! : Cody reviews Dog On It

By Library Staff

Dog On It by Spencer Quinn

"Chet and Bernie investigate the disappearance of Madison, a teenage girl who may or may not have been kidnapped, but who has definitely gotten mixed up with some very unsavory characters."  First in the Chet and Barnie series.


I first received the recommendation to read this title a couple of years ago.  Not having read many cozy mysteries, I figured this would be a book I would turn to when I had few other options.  That day arrived in early January.  Before committing to read it, I first checked a couple of my go-to user review sites, and the book had a very high rating.


I settled in to give the book an initial test-drive, vowing to read at least fifteen pages before deciding to stay in it for the long haul or to make an early return.  Two pages in and I was already questioning my decision to only check one book out before leaving the library.  I realized I was preparing myself for a letdown, and that this was likely influencing my initial judgement.  Before I continued on I took a brief moment to wipe away my preconceived notions, and start fresh.  This may have helped, as by the third or fourth page I was feeling the momentum shift.  By page 10 I was convinced that the book was worth finishing.


The book was a fun read and one I was glad to have rolled the dice on.  From the title, you may be able to guess that the dog (Chet) is going to be a major part of the story.  You would be correct.  In fact, the story is told entirely from Chet’s point of view.  Chet and his human partner, Bernie, make up the Little Detective Agency, a formidable PI team.  This fast paced story will take you through a missing person investigation in an unnamed western state near a desert valley.  Helping to keep the plot moving along are plenty of twists, hilarity, and danger.  While you don’t need to be a dog-lover to enjoy the book, being one will make it that much more enjoyable.  If my recommendation isn’t enough, the book was also praised as an “enchanting one-of-a-kind novel” by Stephen King.