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Take a deep dive into a small pool of history!

By Maria Levetzow

Microhistories are a deep dive into a small piece of history - an intensive look at the small things that make up our global history. 

Mary Roach is well-known for her microhistories; so far I've read Gulp and Packing for Mars and loved them both.

Gulp : adventures on the alimentary canal / Mary Roach

Few of us realize what strange wet miracles of science operate inside us after every meal. In her trademark style, Mary Roach investigates the beginning, and end, of our food.

Packing for Mars : the curious science of life in the void / Mary Roach.

The author of Stiff and Bonk explores the irresistibly strange universe of space travel and life without gravity.

Click here to see a list of more microhistories available from the Bettendorf Public Library.


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