About Bettendorf Public Library

Mission Statement 

The Bettendorf Public Library Information Center is committed to providing access to information and ideas for all. 

Vision Statement

The Bettendorf Public Library Information Center will be the recognized source of knowledge and information, the place to gather and discuss, the encourager of reading, and the leader in cooperation with the city, schools and organizations. We will be the gateway to life-long learning, offering a full spectrum of services, materials and programming.

Value Statements 

The Bettendorf Public Library Information Center - its Board of Trustees, staff and volunteers - is committed to the following values:

  • We value the library as a community facility for open communication of ideas and information; its collection, displays, programs and services reflect an array of opinions and viewpoints.
  • We value the community by actively participating in it and endeavoring to enhance the quality of its life.
  • We value full and equal access to information, the building, its services and its programs.
  • We value the collection of and accessibility to information in all formats: print, electronic, audio and video.
  • We value our customers by responding to them with equal, respectful, accurate and friendly service to all.
  • We value reading and learning and promote both for all ages.
  • We value the privacy of our users by keeping their transactions confidential to the fullest extent allowed by law.